Thursday, 16 April 2009

7th-15th April

Its been a fantastic week, spent alot of time on several different sites around the isles. in total saw around 25-30 individuals (including four families), which is not too unusual when you know where to look.
The longer hours of daylight are a godsend and it is now possible to catch two tides in a day when the times are right, ideal for maximising your time when the otters are most active.

Some of the days I left the camera behind, just deciding to watch and admire the different families and individuals, something that is not allways possible when concentrating through a view finder. When you know otters well enough you realise and accept that photographic opertunities are allways there.

The sunny sequence of a family are of a mother with two 9 or 10 month old cubs, I spent nearly two hours under a camo net to get these pictures.

The images of one eating a fish are of a dear old friend of mine, she is five years old at least. I was absalutely thrilled to find her early on in April after not having seen her since her and her dog cub of last year parted company late last autumn, It really was heart warming to know she is well. Her catch is a large Lump sucker, the bright colours show that it is a male.

The other photo is of a dog, who is four-five years old.