Sunday, 29 November 2009

Long time no see!

It seems like weeks, even months since I had the chance to spend time in the ebe with my camera and my favourite friends, oh yes- that's because it has been!

All for very good reason though, my wife and I had our first baby only four weeks ago, a beautiful boy we named Casey, a very special time indeed.
As for the month or so before the birth it was as you can imagine a busy time. How wonderful it has been over the last week or so though to be back amongst Otters. I managed to squeeze in a few visits around the isles to some of my favourite sites. Any how, il keep it short and get some images up!

These were taken last week, this dog's presence was given away by the Hoody crows waiting patiently for any left overs from the Sea scorpion he soon devoured. I followed him for a short while, watching him haul up on the grassy bank to groom before he slipped away round a head land. He is fully grown at 3-4 years old. The shape and lay of the coastline could not allow for an unseen aproch so I just kept my distance.