Thursday, 25 February 2010

Otters in the snow!

Like most naturalists or wildlife photographers who are passionate or infatuated (or some might say even obsessed) with a particular subject or species, you set your self continual goals and targets which I guess is why it never gets tedious. For me, getting decent images of otters in the snow or at least 'keepers' has been something of a struggle in recent years.
Whether it be down to other commitments, snow free shores along the main sites when every where else is white (a frequent occurrence along our wind and sea swept shores) or what ever else, sounding like 'fisherman's excuses now!'

I have enjoy regular truly magical encounters with otters in Shetland and have captured much of their secretive lives 'in the frame' but on the snow, no no! Often I have watched but just been too far away.

Any how, yesterday I nailed it, well got some keepers at least! Loosing two memory cards and a spare battery along with freezing and soaking much of my body as I lay amongst rock pools in the ebe for hours- (something you have to get used to if you want to photograph otters and not be seen) was a small price to pay as was the long journey to the site! After enjoying them in the snow I spent several hours following the family till both battery and memory card ran out, when I sneaked away while they fed off shore.