Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Time out

What a wonderful afternoon. I took time out alone today to get out with the Otters and visited one of my favourite females. Her single dog cub is about nine months old now. I was with them for over two hours, often less than 15 meters from them. They slept for just under half an hour during the encounter, only to be woken by a dog Otter, who I am almost certain is the cubs father. Unfortunately their brief encounter was just out of view from where I lay. From what I did see though the encounter was actualy amost affectionate, he even groomed for a short while close by before carrying on his way.
The thrill of lying so close to an animal as shy and secrative as an Otter, knowing full well that the slightest sound or movement is all it takes and the animals will be gone is a feeling that I know will never tire of.
This was just what I needed today, with few spaces free from guiding and seemingly endless sleepless nights due to our six and a half month old son teething- I needed some quality time in the place where nthing else matters- in the ebe alone with the Otters!