Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fund raiser for the IOSF

Otters are not only a huge part of my life, they are a huge part of my working life and are therefore my main focus in the guiding and photography workshops I do in my company. I feel it very important to do something in return for otters on what ever level I can (or we at SN can), whether on a local or international level. We are corporate sponsors of the International Otter Survival Fund and are delighted to support the wonderful work they do for otters all over the world.

To help support this and their annual International Otter Awareness day in late May we ran a fund raising event to help raise money by doing a 'Sponsored Otter search'. Along with the help of fellow Otter addicts Gary Bell and Richard Shucksmith we set out individually to see how many otters we could see in a day- what better way to spend a day?!

In total we raised just over £800 and were delighted and overwhelmed by the response and support we received, read more about the day on my Shetland Nature blog: