Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Shetland Otter family using bathing pool: Bushnel trphy cam footage

(please note, plays better as seen here, not full screen. Blogger appears to compress quality quite a bit)
Fresh water plays a crucial role in coastal living otters survival as it is imperative the salt water is cleaned from their fur. This mother and two cubs are visiting this small freshwater pool on most days as is a dog otter. These cameras are fantastic way to be collecting data and monitoring sites which is extremely useful when working on several projects at various different sites. Particularly if I have an image in mind or behaviour I would like to photograph, I gather footage over a period of usually two to three weeks to confirm whether or not they are doing what I think they are doing and if the shot I am after is doable. Some fresh water pools for example I have set up cameras on pools that are clearly active, only to see its used only at night- the camera records the data which in turn saves time.

Often you can see where otter activity is very obvious and an area is being used frequently but the camera footage gathers the data while you are busy on other things. I also use them to monitor sites which I can not visit as frequently as I would like. Using so many sites and working on so many families using such kit plays an integral role in being able to keep up to date with many, many sites which is key to be able to offer guests on my tours and photo assignments. Apart from that all though they are also just great fun!

I use three trophy cam's- but two of them recently packed in so am shipping them back!