Monday, 27 October 2014

A session with mum and three older cubs

The first morning of this weeks one-to-one photography assignment, with returning guest from Italy Mauro Muzzareli- who I have now come to know so well he insists I shoot my own images too- Im hardly going to refuse now am I?!! What a way to start his week itinerary, I took him to look for this mother and three fairly well grown cubs and we found them as soon as we arrived, I picked them up foraging offshore together before we had even gotten out of the car. We spent over three hours with them before leaving them foraging further out of the voe. This is one of the older of several three-cub families that I am working on just now- i'm not sure if I've ever seen such breeding success at so many sites- its awesome! 
Mum and three cubs; a typical composition of how a family of otters thrive on the intimate bond.
 The dog cub of this family of three landing his own octopus.

One of the female cubs eating a sea scorpion she caught herself, all paws and jaws as she enjoys her catch.