Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A very busy and otter filled winter- catching up

I hardly know where to start- its probably been my most frustrating but yet busiest and exciting winters to date. Iv'e been 100% committed to a very big project so my time out with my own camera, or anything else,  has been, well lets say zilcho! Its been good and steady with otter trips too, I've been leading in each month of the winter so have been out with otters most weeks and we have enjoyed fantastic encounters on all of them. Some have been photography and some for the full Shetland otter experience. Its been awesome for all guests on these as its one of the most successful breeding seasons for otters for several years at the sites I use at least.

But any way, its been a very busy winter, which is brilliant but man how I have missed getting out with my own camera.

One of my recent Shetland otter photography itineraries was for Tony Davison, who Iv'e known for many years from his birding trips to the isles in autumn, who has been planning to book me for years. We had a great week and because we know each other so well, Tony insisted I brought my own gear- something I don't do when guiding as I have a job to do and its not to take my own images- unless of course asked to- it would be rude to refuse! Here are a few images from that week.

We use the shore for cover to get into position where I know this mother and her dog cub will land on the shore for a grooming session, we are bang on time and in perfect position, low down in the shade of the bank. 

They move up the beach and as anticipated enjoy a grooming session together. 

A cutesie one, while the dog cub rolls on his back their paws meet as they reach out.

So this was one of the encounters, I will try to follow up soon with another from the same week. As usual you can find out about the otter tours at http://www.shetlandnature.net/otters/