Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Review of the last few months- a quick catch up Shetland Otter image gallery

Iv'e said this so many times before but wow, I cant believe I have not posted on my otter blog since end of January! As ever, it is always about time- lack of it- certainly not a lack of otters! This year is even busier than last year for otter photo tours and otter watching tours which you can read about here
I'm delighted again this season to have Josh Jaggard, (a fellow otter enthusiast from Norfolk) working with me as well as new to the SN team of guides, John Moncrieff- a native Shetland otter addict! Also continuing leading otter tours, Gary Bell and occasionally co-author of our Otters in Shetland book, Richard Shucksmith
So, although I'm not getting out at all with my own camera at the moment, here are a few images from over last few months from the rare few times I've been out on my own to shoot....

    Early April; this mother and two cubs have now separated.
    Back in late February; a family of three cubs which had separated by late March/April
   One of the above three cubs.
    Above and bellow; early April. one of two cubs, this family are still together and doing well.

    Above and bellow; cubs crossing a sand beach. These guys are also still with their mum.

    Mum and cub play fight as they dry off after grooming following their early morning foraging.