Sunday, 16 March 2014

Shetland otters in early March

Its been a busy few weeks since my previous post in February with plenty of activity and action both with my own projects on otters here in Shetland and also with guests seeking to enjoy our otters and learn more about them.
This week I had the pleasure of guiding a regular client of mine who has become a good friend over recent years, this was his fourth Otter itinerary with me and what a week it was! Over our five day itinerary we saw over twenty otters and enjoyed some wonderful encounters. As usual I tried to vary the sites we used and so we visited five different sites, each with families. It is also worth stating that like all these assignments I put together for my guests, I targeted a week where the tides were most favourable, we were also lucky with the weather. It was great being out with Richard again, really good company. Last year one of Richards otter image was the runner up in the Scottish RSPB photography awards so I wish him well with this years results! You can see his image here
here are a few of the images I took this week. The last one is an image I that was almost what I have been trying to get for some time now- long exposure waves with a sleeping otter on the shore. Another attempt or two needed before I'll get what I want....