Monday, 30 June 2014

Featured working on Otters on another TV documentary; Alsion Steadmans Shetland

I was delighted and proud to feature once again on a recent TV documentary to share our fantastic Otters here in Shetland. It was back in April I worked with the film crew working here on Shetland making the ITV documentary Alison Steadmans Shetland.

I worked with them for a few days and really enjoyed working with them for one of them on my heart felt favourites- Otters. On the day we were out tide times were hardly favourable; low water being at around 5:00am in the morning and then late afternoon. With this in mind I split the day into two sessions and had the crew and Alison of course (who was a delight to work with, as were the crew) out at first light.

We scored with one straight away at our first site although with a howling NW gale and squally sleety showers views were far from great and although myself and most crew saw it well, conditions were too rough for Alison to see it or the camera man to get footage.
In the afternoon we were a bit better with two encounters at two sights.

All in all it went very well and the program on the whole was great and every one featured, including my good friends and colleagues Richard Shucksmith and Helen Moncrief.

It was really cool working with another film crew on Otters in Shetland having worked on several over the years now, and this was the second film crew in less than a year after featuring on BBC's Countryfile last year too.

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